CIRCE requires financial support to sustain and expand its offerings. Considerations:

Would you like to sponsor an international organization that champions imagination, creativity, and innovation?

Would you like to donate to a movement that increases the prevalence of imagination in education and, as a result, in our communities and workplaces?

Would you like to fund and participate in an organization that connects imaginative people, companies, projects, and research?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you could support CIRCE and how CIRCE could support you/your organization.

If you would be interested in sponsoring CIRCE, please leave your contact information below. Our Executive Director, Gillian Judson, will contact you to discuss options for collaboration that are mutually beneficial.

We also welcome DONATIONS.  (Donations to CIRCE are tax deductible–contact Gillian Judson if you would like a tax receipt.)

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