Let’s Work Together

  1. Want to increase engagement, imagination, and innovation in your workplace, school, or district? Hire our team to work with yours. We custom-design onsite and online leadership, coaching, and mentoring programs to meet your needs so that envisioning the possible, enacting and achieving goals becomes a reality in your working context.
  2. Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? Contact us for keynote presentations, workshops, and seminars on imagination / wonder / creativity and more that will leave your audience inspired.
  3. Interested in implementing Learning In Depth, a Whole School Project, or the Walking Curriculum/Imaginative Ecological Education? We can help. Whether introducing one of our programs or expanding and deepening the impact in your school, our team of experts can help you meet your goals.
  4. Special Program: Maximize imagination and innovation in your school through a whole school approach. The professional development in this special program focuses on all levels of the school/district: learn how cognitive tools can be employed by all educators (all subject areas/all ages) to increase learning and engagement, learn about and implement a program designed to cultivate imagination and creativity, work at a broad level to ensure the structure/context/leadership and culture of your school supports imagination. Become a leader in the Imaginative Schools Network.

Find an engaging speaker for your next event at the CIRCE Speakers’ Bureau.

Tell Us About You/Your Organization

Someone from the CIRCE team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss fees and program structure. We want to ensure that this professional development work not only meets your needs but engages and inspires!

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