The Imaginative Schools Network is a diverse and international professional learning community connected by a belief in the value of imagination for all learning.

Growing engaged minds; imagining and making better worlds.

It provides a space for all educators to grow their imaginative practice. We recognize that imagination is neglected in education and we aim to change this from the ground up by

  • connecting imaginative and inspired teachers and schools,
  • sharing examples of members’ imaginative teaching and learning practices through the imaginED blog and the CIRCE podcast series,
  • fostering dialogue through different online forums (e.g. montly Twitter #imaginEDchat, the Imaginative Schools Network FB group),
  • inviting members to learn together through professional learning opportunities (e.g. books studies, online presentations/webinars etc.). 

This professional learning community is part of CIRCE. We believe that imagination is as important for learning in the sciences as it is in the arts. We believe that the imaginative engagement of students is as important at the post-secondary level as it is in primary classrooms, and as central to adult and community education as it is to online learning. We share Maxine Greene’s conviction that imaginative development is crucial to the building of societies characterized by empathy and solidarity, societies genuinely inclusive of people from different backgrounds, of different abilities, and with different ways of seeing the world. And we also see imagination as deeply interwoven in the relationships between human beings and the rest of the living world.

The Imaginative Schools Network is for all educators who value imagination and want to connect with others who do, too. Tell us about yourself, your practice, your passion, your school, below. We will be organizing some online events for our imaginative network and will be sure to keep you in the loop.