Imagination Matters (Ebulletin Oct 2020)

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International Call For Chapter Proposals: Imagination’s Role in Educational Leadership

Submit your 250-word proposal today! (Deadline November 30. 2020)

We invite imagination, leadership, and social justice scholars at various stages of their careers and from all parts of the world to submit case studies, empirical studies, and conceptual scholarship representing diverse and interdisciplinary cultural perspectives. We seek empirical and conceptual research that points to the influence of imagination on institutional culture, pedagogy, and learning, and, centrally, on community development and social justice. This may include, for example, how imagination enables leaders to understand themselves and others, to communicate in meaningful ways, to generate new ideas, to cultivate cultures in which imagination may thrive, to challenge dominant social imaginaries, and to create new and just ways of thinking, being, and doing.

Contributions might explore:

  • conceptualizations of imagination in a range of leadership practices and contexts;
  • conceptualizations of leadership, both formal and informal, and what is made possible in imaginative approaches to educational leadership (from Kindergarten through Post-secondary);
  • imagination’s role in policy creation and implementation;
  • current challenges in leadership and imaginative approaches to addressing these challenges;
  • how imagination in leadership can promote equity and social justice within the school and beyond.

Get all the details here by clicking the link: Call for Chapter Proposals Imagination in Leadership

Call For Leadership Stories

Our schools are FULL of leaders. Share YOUR story of how imagination has fuelled your leadership practices! And SHARE this invitation! Call for stories HERE on imaginED.