Imagination Matters (Ebulletin Feb 2020)

Learn about CIRCE’s events and adventures since September 2019 and see what events are upcoming. There are many ways to learn and participate with CIRCE–please join our community of imagination accomplices!

Ebulletin Contents

  • Welcome Message (from Dr. Gillian Judson, Executive Director, CIRCE)
  • Upcoming Events
  • A few of CIRCE’s Events & Adventures (September 2019-February 2020)
  • Hear from Recent MEd Imaginative Education Graduates
  • CIRCE’s Academic Council
  • CIRCE International (September 2019-February 2020)
  • Learning in Depth
  • Study With CIRCE: Graduate Programs at SFU
  • Learn More & Participate
  • Support CIRCE

Read it here on imaginED.

4 replies
  1. Christa Campsall
    Christa Campsall says:

    I get a warning message when I try to open your blog….the certificate has expired and there is a caution that someone may be trying to “impersonate” your site. So I haven’t gone to the blog yet. cheers.

        • Gillian Judson
          Gillian Judson says:

          Hi Jim. This is a problem for us–the issue is “https” links provide a warning signal. “http” links do not. Trying to resolve with the hosts. Thanks for your patience!

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