#CIRCE is pleased to collaborate with #EnviroEd to discuss walking-based outdoor learning practices and, specifically, A Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder & Developing Sense of Place (K-12) (Judson, 2018).

We learn a place and how to visualize spatial relationships, as children, on foot and with imagination. Place and the scale of place must be measured against our bodies and their capabilities.

(Snyder, 1990, pp. 98-99)

What are the implications of taking American Naturalist Gary Snyder’s observation into our outdoor practice?  What does it mean to “learn a place on foot and with imagination?”  This session of the #EnviroEd chat explores the notion of walking as a methodology for outdoor, Place-Based learning and, in particular, the #walkingcurriculum.

WHEN:  Wednesday November 21, 2018; 6 PM (PST) / 9 PM (EST)

WHERE:  In the Twittersphere (Use hashtags #EnviroEd #walkingcurriculum #CIRCE to follow along and participate)

WHO: You! The chat will be moderated by Rob Ridley (@RangerRidley) coordinator of the PEEL District School Board’s Outdoor Education Centres, and by Gillian Judson (@perfinker), Executive Director of CIRCE and author of A Walking Curriculum and other books on Imaginative Ecological Education.

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Please join us!