Making Space for Imagination & Innovation In Educational Leadership

Are you an educational leader who values imagination?
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You’re Invited: Imaginative Leadership Learning Group (#ILLG)

CIRCE is inviting educational leaders who value imagination to form an imagination-focused learning community. Our work will focus on the role of imagination in educational leadership–how to make space for it, how it contributes to what we do, how we can cultivate it in our school communities etc. Our interactions will mostly be online and asynchronous. If you would like to get involved please use the contact form below to introduce yourself and to articulate 2-3 questions around imaginative leadership (imagination/creativity/innovation) that you would like to explore.
We are hosting our first live webinars in early March.  Leave your contact information below if you want to get involved!

Engage In Dialogue: Making Space for Imagination & Innovation In Educational Leadership

On January 15, 2019 representatives from CIRCE and CSELP offered a workshop for educational leaders in Langley, B.C., our partner district for an upcoming Masters of Education degree on Imaginative Leadership. Together with workshop facilitators, participating leaders discussed the role of imagination in their leadership, how they make space for and practice it within their professional lives, and how they might enhance this capacity.

This event was co-hosted by Simon Fraser University’s Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture & Education (CIRCE) and the Centre For Studies In Educational Leadership & Policy (CSELP).