The Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture & Education

CIRCE is an international organization dedicated to imagination in all its varied forms. While we have deep roots, interest, and involvement in the field of education, we branch into a range of other fields including leadership, architecture, business, interior design, the visual arts, marketing, and theatre.

Our Mission

Growing Engaged Minds: Imagining And Making Better Worlds

Our Vision

At CIRCE [sur-see] we aim to

  • serve as a “magnetic hub” for learning, teaching and educational research involving the imagination, creativity, and innovation across BC and Canada and around the world;
  • foster dialogue and collaboration across professional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries;
  • showcase imagination at work in multiple forms and professional contexts;
  • engage with educators in many different contexts, including public schooling and postsecondary institutions, outdoor, environmental, and experiential education, community and adult education, museums and cultural centres.

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